Mobile Enterprise Applications

Today every company needs apps to engage their customers and run their businesses. Build, test, manage, and deploy great apps at scale with AWS Infrastructure.


Cloud Migration

Our experts takes the complexity out of your cloud initiative and you can quickly realize the benefits of cloud technology to grow and stay competitive

Build For Cloud

Adopt a microservice architecture and build cloud ready applications which are more resilient and easier to manage


You bring the code and We bring the tools. And together we build continuous integration, automated deployment, agile development and infrastructure-as-code.


Build enterprise Productivity Apps for Communication and sales enablement. Native and hybrid Apps which are built using AWS mobility services.

Predictive Modelling

Our R experts help you build machine learning and statistic algorithms which can be run on AWS big data infrastructue.


We deliver a range of Cloud Security Services to bulletproof AWS Infrastructure and application running on it.

AWS Practice

Applied Cloud Computing (ACC) is an advanced AWS consulting partner. ACC accelerates end-to-end cloud adoption with the best implementation services, software and processes available. ACCs comprehensive framework for cloud adoption and dedicated software development capabilities help clients achieve business results faster, no matter where they are in their cloud transformation.


Accelerate enterprise cloud adoption.

Comprehensive services from design/planning to execution/run

Microsoft Workloads

Migrate, modernize and transform critical Microsoft workloads like Sharepoint, .NET apps, SQL Server Databases, Active Directory, Productivity workstations and business-critical applications that run on Microsoft OS

Media Houses

Leverage AWS services like elemental transcoding and cloudfront for content distribution

Solution to manage multiple VOD platform integration through few clicks.


Accelerate SAP migrations to and implementations on AWS

Provides services for automation and integrations

Includes infrastructure architecture setup and run support.

Big Data

An advanced Big Data Platform Management software product to help organizations effectively deploy Big Data features in business processes and decision making.

Centralized framework to enable business, analytics, governance, capabilities, and technology to operate effectively in a shared environment.

Cloud Native Development

Ideation, rapid prototyping, and liquid applications development

DevOps-centric and serverless architectures and platform solutions


Enterprise Collaboration

Mobile Application which is Faster and efficient than email, and lead to improved team communication and higher productivity

Social Lead Integration

Sync Facebook Lead Ads and Custom Audiences with your CRM or Email Marketing software.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Standardise KYC processes and centralise operations around client onboarding and account management. Highly customizable and built on

Video on Demand

Orchestration platform to capture stream videos coming from different make of devices and serve it through internet connected dispaly devises.

Field Force Enablement

Field force enablement mobile application to automate work allocation, asset management, payment collection and customer service

Hub Pay

HUB PAY is fully customizable solution which provides user portals, origination, servicing, and collections and can automate the entire lending lifecycle including underwriting, servicing and collections.


ACC Mobility helps clients embrace mobility as a transformational strategy to deliver real, measurable and sustainable improvements in business performance.  We use AWS extensively to Cloud enable your app.


Enterprise Productivity Apps

Build enterprise Productivity Apps for Communication and sales enablement. Native and hybrid Apps which are built using AWS mobility services

Fedrated Identities

Solution built on Amazon Cognito Federated Identities enable you to create unique identities for your users and federate them with identity providers. With an identity, you can obtain temporary, limited-privilege AWS credentials to synchronize data with Amazon Cognito Sync, or directly access other AWS services. Solution supports the following identity providers:

Public providers: Login with Amazon, Facebook, Google,

Amazon Cognito User Pools

Open ID Connect Providers

SAML Identity Provider

Developer Authenticated Identities

Serverless backend with no-sql database

Our Experts will help you build New or Exisitng web services using AWS Lambda and API Gateway . It helps running the code without configuring, setting up, or worrying about servers.  We help youconvert your SQL DB to AWS Fast and flexible NoSQL databases that scale.


Build Deep learning conversational interfaces voice and text for your app using AWS Lex and Alexa Services.

Case Study - Aditya Birla Group - Enterprise Collaboration

App facilitates a rich messaging experience for The Chairman of the organisation to stay in touch with all businesses across different demographics in an easy and secure way. The Chairman can engage with employees or specific groups through quick messages, share photos and opinion polls with an interactive and intuitive experience.

By this app employee can reply to Chairman’s Messages and can comment on the shared photos. At the same time employee can also view what other employees have responded

Employees can also participate in the Quick Polls initiated by the Chairman. This is the first phase of this app and features will be added on in the forthcoming phases.

Build Solution:

We have created two App One for chairman and another for Employee.

  1. Chairman App
    1. Broadcast function from Chairman’s mobile device to all employees’ mobile devices.
    2. This includes the following options:
      1. Text Messages
      2. Photos with caption (Multiple photos can be selected at once)
  • Option to create a Poll
  1. Chairman can view aggregated responses for each broadcast in the form of a word cloud.
    1. Option to view the latest responses (auto filtered for inappropriate content) of the employees for a particular broadcast with an option to view more responses.
    2. Clicking a word on the “Tag Cloud” will display respective response tree
  2. Chairman can view aggregated responses in terms of bar charts for each poll
  3. Option to send Text messages to selected group (for e.g. to employees of a particular business, business heads etc.)
  4. The broadcast message should only be sent from an authenticated device to prevent impersonation (like IMEI # based authentication check)
  5. Search option to find past messages and polls


  1. Employee App
    1. Employees’ version of the app will have the option to reply (Maybe up to 500 characters in length) to the Chairman’s broadcasts and to participate in the polls created by the Chairman.
    2. Messages will be displayed as a feed to the users with latest 10 tweet being displayed.
    3. Provide Option to load more tweets.
    4. Clicking on a tweet will open the message in a new screen with the latest replies to it displayed below the message. Load more option to display more replies will be there.
    5. In case of Poll, message will be loaded with the specified options to choose from.
    6. Employees will not have an option to start a new broadcast or poll.
    7. Search option to find past messages and polls.
Case Study - EuroKids Pre-School

EuroKids Pre-School app aims to facilitate seamless communication and keep you abreast with your child’s learning and development at the center.

  • Dashboard – View all the information at a go.
  • Student Profile – View the child’s records in this section
  • My Day @ EuroKids – Provided instant access to topics and activities covered in your child’s classroom on daily basis
  • Messages – View all communication from EuroKids center at a glance
  • Events – Block your calender and be ready for upcoming EuroKids events
  • Photogallery – Relive memories with exclusive access to view and download your child’s pictures from school vents and activities right
  • Home Connection – Connect with all Home activities planned for your child
  • Observations – Provides observations of liking and hobbies of child on a regular interval.
  • Learn2Play – View all Toys and Equipment on offer
  • Call EuroKids – All Emergency contact no. will be listed in this section for your convenience
  • Write to EuroKids – Connect with your EuroKids center or obtain support in few clicks

Build Solutions:

This App have two distinct modules; one will be for the Mobile App, which will be developed on iOS for iPad, & iPhone & on Android for Phone and Tablets. The App will provide the Teachers to

  • Directly connect with the Parents on their mobile devices
  • Share my day at eurokids, home connection, observation, events & photo gallery
  • Provide list of Holidays
  • Share Activities with parents

The second module will be for the Eurokids Teachers, HO Centre Admin & EuroKids Super Admin, which will be responsive web interface for Desktop, Laptop, iOS & Android Web Browser. It has features:

  • To view functionality depend upon roles(Teachers, HO Centre Admin & EuroKids Super Admin)
  • Overview of Total number of students, teachers and their day to day activities.
  • Manage Teachers & assign division.
  • Update sylabus & other activities.


Case Study - The Fit Mom Project Pregnancy App

The Fit Mom Project is a pregnancy app for expecting mothers & new age moms to discover healthier food & fitness habits. Backed by our expert panelists, we provide information on pregnancy exercises, nutrition & diet, lifestyle & fashion for moms.

> Pregnancy Exercises: 100+ Prenatal & Antenatal Pregnancy Exercises Demonstrated by Certified Physiotherapists & Antenatal Specialists.

>Pregnancy Calculators, Charts & Pregnancy Tools: We have created various Pregnancy Calculators that can be used at different stages of your pregnancy.

> Diet & Nutrition for Expecting Mothers & Moms: Nutrition tips, recipes and food choices for pregnant women & new age moms.

> Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Tips: Yoga & Exercise advice for moms to stay fit & healthy.

> Lifestyle advice for Moms: Make positive lifestyle changes to overcome the challenges of your pregnancy & postpartum life.

> Pregnancy & Mother Care Experts: Our Team of Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Fitness Trainers, Psychologists & Doctors will help you through your journey of pregnancy and maternal care.

Build Solution:

CMS: An Admin Panel to push all content, exercises, videos and images. Doctor can answer users query and help them in Fitness Query.

Mobile App:

  • It has module related to Pregnancy exercises, Calculator, Nutrition, Fitness, Lifestyle, Community.
  • User can see latest Exercises share by doctor for each pregnant month.
  • Calculator help user to monitor their pregnancy journey.
  • Diet help user to keep track of their nutrition.
  • User can ask question to doctor community, each question is responded within 24hrs of time.
Case Study - HNC MDT V1 ~ Merck Pharma

Head and neck cancer is a dreadful disease across the world. Disease has poor prognosis. Conventionally
disease is treated with cisplatin based chemotherapy regimens. However, not all the patients are
suitable to cisplatin based chemotherapy. With evolving guidelines and clinical evidences, it’s observed
that cisplatin may lead to acute as well as late toxicities, poor treatment adherence and even treatment
related deaths. Proposed app is based on internationally published consensus recommendation criteria
to identify cisplatin contra-indications and high risks (Ref: Oral Oncology 53 (2016) 10–16). App will
assist physicians to individually validate clinical criteria of each and every patient based on given limits in
published guidelines and help determine if the patient is suitable to cisplatin. Patients found unsuitable
or contraindicated to cisplatin can be given alternate regimen and can be saved from treatment related
side effects.

Build Solution:
This app would be used by set of Doctors, who can keep a track of their patient’s data week wise. It also
helps them to take opinion among their community.

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