Loan Origination System and SAP S4 HANA

The Challenge

Our customer, an NBFC, aims to be a partner in progress for small and medium businesses and seeks to provide innovative and customised solutions. They chose SAP for their core application requirement. ACC has been working with this customer for the past six months and has been evangelizing the AWS platform for various workloads. So far, we have migrated their lending system to AWS. The end objective is to run all the core operations in the cloud.

The Solution

The following products from AWS are now being used as part of the customer’s infrastructure:

  • Amazon EC2 Windows instances – To run the portal, main web site, and business intelligence tools
  • Elastic IP Addresses for Amazon EC2 – To bind to domain names, and start and stop instances on demand
  • Amazon EBS – Used for data storage, for starting and stopping instances, and for having data always available
  • Amazon VPC – Used for a production network
  • Elastic Load Balancing – Used for the main web site, to balance load across multiple instances

This has led to significant cost savings and faster time to deployment.