Cloud Computing
AWS Practices

The AWS cloud computing platform provides the flexibility to launch your applications regardless of your use case or industry. It provides a massive global cloud infrastructure that allows you to quickly innovate, experiment and iterate. 


We help your enterprise accelerate enterprise cloud adoption. We provide comprehensive services right from design, planning to execution. 


We help you accelerate SAP migrations to and implementations on AWS. We also provide services for automation and integrations. This includes infrastructure architecture setup and run support. 

Microsoft Workloads

We help you migrate, modernize and transform critical Microsoft workloads like SharePoint, .NET apps, SQL Server Databases, Active Directory, Productivity Workstations and business-critical applications that run on Microsoft OS. 

Big Data

We provide you with an advanced Big Data Platform Management software so that you can effectively deploy Big Data features in business processes and decision making. It includes a centralized framework to enable business, analytics, governance, capabilities, and technology to operate effectively in a shared environment. 

Media Houses

We help you leverage AWS services like Elemental MediaConvert for Accelerated Transcoding and CloudFront for quick static and dynamic web content distribution. We also provide you with solutions to manage multiple VOD platform integrations through a few clicks. 

Cloud Native Development

We specialise in ideation, rapid prototyping and liquid applications development. We can also provide you with DevOps-centric serverless architectures and platform solutions.