Our deep expertise in Cloud Computing guarantees the

Best Data Collection

Survey Programming

You have unique needs; we have experts to help you. Our expertise covers different platforms and we have years of experience in working with and addressing different, challenging requirements. We help our clients by completely owning the process; from questionnaire consulting, scripting, performing various quality tests, verifying cross-platform compatibility and so on till the end of the process. 

Areas We Serve

Online Web Programming

Flow Chart Programming


Max-Diff/Conjoint Analysis

Trackers Wave studies


Diary Studies

Multi-country Projects

CATI/CAPI Programming

Data Visualisation

Presenting the outcome of your research is an important step and we are ready to help. Our team is proficient in using multiple platforms to create meaningful and tailored data visualization. 

Data Analytics

It all comes down to good data and we know this. Our data analytics team has vast expertise in working even with the most complex requirements. We are committed to delivering data that matters. 


  • Data integrity checks & Validations 
  • Tabulations (crosstabs across multiple banners) 
  • Weighting (RIM/Target) 
  • Column SIG testing/Row SIG testing/Regression/Correlate analysis  
  • NETTed reporting for verbatim coding
  • Top Box/T2Box/B2Tox/Mean reporting 
  • Charting and report writing 
  • Verbatim and brand response coding