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Atlas API Manager

Atlas API Manager is a tool for API Consumers, or API Developers, who want to learn what APIs are offered by an API Provider organization and how to use these APIs. The API Provider organization’s administrators create and manage content for API Developer Portal. Effectively, an API Developer Portal is an API marketplace with publicly or privately published APIs, and with added capabilities for API, Developers to monitor, analyze and troubleshoot their usage of the provider’s APIs.

Why Choose Atlas API Manager?​

Atlas API Manager is a digital distribution platform that aims to initiate and accelerate Individual’ engagement with their APIs.

As an external party user can access the APIs on the Developer Portal. It is designed to provide the users with the tools to discover and consume their (bank’s/ NBFC’s) APIs, from user’s application. These APIs will enable the users to develop new and innovative services that can be used across different markets.

Atlas API Manager comes bundled with numerous benefits that include AI-powered automation to retrieve actionable insights from your API data, API security, facilitate global reach of your API programs.

Advantages & Benefits of Atlas API Manager

Features of Atlas API Manager

Flexible for Multiple Sectors