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The business world is changing. New ways of driving revenue are forcing companies to reimagine the way they manage the customer lifecycle, thus making contract management more important than ever. 

Very large enterprises and projects involve multiple parties, with high risk and uncertainty. They are unlike traditional operating contracts in that they are subject to shared deadlines in unique situations. As the complexity of these unique projects increases, the relationships between parties become more important. This requires contract management software, or contract risk management software (CRMS), to become more dynamic and responsive. 

Our contract management software offers you a perfect solution to help you with managing contracts from vendors, partners, customers, or employees. The software can also serve as an electronic version of a filing cabinet. It supports the entire customer and contract lifecycle which covers any process that contributes creates or utilizes contract data. 

Our system understands every step in the contract process, including any step that contributes, creates, or utilizes contract data. 



The digital space has evolved at a rapid rate. Ottohm helps you adopt to changing requirements quickly. We equip you with relevant tools that will help your business grow at an equally rapid pace. 

Ottohm aims to deliver a superior content management experience to its customers by virtue of its cost-effective, simple and yet intuitive platforms and solutions. 

Manage video from any VOD Platform – Manage and organize your video content with ease in our management console. Uploading is seamless and easy with drag and drop. Quickly add videos to sub-channels, series and categories.
Set when content can go live. Manage your rich content lightning fast on every device, wherever you are!

Monetise your streaming events – The on-demand platform is structured in a way so that your users can easily subscribe to sub-channels. You can also easily create series or a playlist. This gives you the opportunity to offer individual courses and series to your users. 

Powerful AI & ML for sales & product growth – Get profound insights into your best performing videos, geographic playback and the most active users. 



A Lending Management System helps automate the servicing and management of multiple loan portfolios on a single platform. The solution provides a comprehensive set of customer and account centric business operations which enable organizations to be more agile and offers front office customer support capability. 

We help you achieve higher operational efficiency through automated batch processing as part of EOD routines and maker and authorization checks for activities as part of transaction processing in your banking system. 

We help you manage the customer life-cycle better with ease of handling part-payments, foreclosures and restructuring. 

You can also control portfolio quality with provisioning and accounting configurations to achieve greater profitability through the Loan Management System. 

Our system offers the most comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end loan management software in syndicated, commercial, consumer, and mortgage lending. We create a consistent, seamless digital borrower experience for large multinational corporations, mid-sized and small business customers, and consumers.



Consumers are evolving with time, and with technological advancement, they are expecting their service providers to adapt with them. Service providing companies are now required to provide personalized and optimized experiences to suit their customers’ needs. </BRACKET> helps these companies to do exactly that. 

</Bracket> helps companies to be in tune with ever-evolving customer preferences and predicting customer behaviour correctly. 

This starts with our software being able to identify customers uniquely from internal and external data sources provided by you and creating separate profiles for each of them. Additionally, </BRACKET> also researches on the customers’ data network to understand their relationship with your business directly or indirectly. 

</BRACKET> is a centralized 3D customer signal platform to understand your customers beyond just basic identity. Our advanced analytics and machine learning generate customer level signal to help you understand your customers fully and design or offer products that they need. 

If customer behaviour predictability, connections and networks are of high value to you, then </BRACKET> is the product you need to look for. This will support you with cross-selling your products and detect frauds even before they take place just by analysing your consumer behaviour.


Data Lake

The AWS Cloud provides many of the building blocks required to help customers implement a secure, flexible, and cost-effective data lake. 

These include AWS managed services that help to store, find, process, and analyse both structured and unstructured data. You can store your data as-is, without having to first structure the data, and run different types of analytics – from dashboards and visualizations to big data processing, real-time analytics, and machine learning to guide better decisions. 

To support our customers as they build data lakes, AWS offers the data lake solution, which is an automated reference implementation that deploys a highly available, cost-effective data lake architecture on the AWS Cloud along with a user-friendly console for searching and requesting datasets. 

Organizations that successfully generate business value from their data, will outperform their peers. A recent survey saw organizations who implemented a Data Lake outperformed similar companies by 9% in organic revenue growth. These leaders were able to do new types of analytics like machine learning over new sources like log files, data from click-streams, social media, and internet-connected devices stored in the data lake. This helped them to identify and act upon opportunities for business growth faster by attracting and retaining customers, boosting productivity, proactively maintaining devices, and making informed decisions.