Intelligent Financial Analyzer​

A Manual and Time-Consuming Journey 

The traditional approach to loan processing involves a significant amount of manual effort and time. When individuals or businesses seek loans for various purposes such as personal needs, home purchases, or business expansions, they are required to submit a plethora of documents. These documents typically include income statements, tax returns, credit history, and more. The current process necessitates the manual extraction of information from these documents, such as payslips and bank statements. This manual extraction is not only error-prone but also time-consuming. The intricate task of interpreting and organizing the data from hundreds of pages of paperwork adds considerable complexity to the loan approval process.

Additionally, the quality of documents can sometimes be poor, leading to challenges in human readability and potential misconfiguration of information during manual processing. In the fast-paced financial world, where efficiency is paramount, the existing manual processes fall short, calling for a more streamlined and automated solution.

Automation puts Generative AI to work 

Our Intelligent Financial Analyzer​ simplifies every step of the loan cycle, using AI, RPA, and OCR to eliminate manual tasks. Streamlining risk assessment, decision-making, credit reporting, and repayment control, this solution ensures a straightforward and efficient loan processing experience.

What is Intelligent Financial Analyzer​?

Intelligent Financial Analyzer​ addresses the challenges associated with traditional, manual loan approval processes. This solution is meticulously crafted to handle the complexities of securing a loan, offering a seamless and efficient alternative. By incorporating state-of-the-art technologies like artificial intelligence, and by using AWS services the system ensures accurate extraction of crucial details from diverse documents such as payslips and bank statements.

One of the key strengths of this solution lies in its dynamic template handling capability, allowing it to adapt to any document format without requiring changes to backend services or configurations. The application’s ability to perform document cleaning, processing, and extraction of fields autonomously sets it apart, significantly minimizing human involvement and potential errors. This solution not only expedites the loan approval process but also enhances accuracy, providing financial institutions, online lenders, mortgage companies, government agencies, consumers, loan officers, brokers, and insurance companies with a powerful tool to optimize their operations and improve overall customer experiences.

How Intelligent Financial Analyzer​ works 

Gen AI: Revolutionizing Document Processing

Gen AI incorporates advanced machine learning models, eliminating tech debt and ensuring unparalleled accuracy. It dynamically adapts to various document templates, offering versatility without the need for constant backend adjustments—a breakthrough known as dynamic template handling.

Streamlined Processes with AWS Services: Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Titan

Integrated with AWS services, specifically Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Titan, the solution ensures robust and secure operations. Amazon Bedrock provides a stable foundation for scalable and efficient cloud hosting/migration, while Amazon Titan enhances digitalization, data lake management, and cloud security. This synergy optimizes document extraction, cleaning, and processing. As a result, the entire loan approval process is streamlined, reducing manual effort, minimizing errors, and accelerating decision-making. Intelligent Financial Analyzer​ stands as a testament to the power of Gen AI and the reliability of AWS services, making loan approvals faster, more accurate, and technologically advanced.

Automate Your Loan Processing with ACC

Experience a swift and accurate loan processing journey with ACC. Our team is geared up to simplify and automate manual loan processing tasks, ensuring efficiency and precision in decision-making.

Benefits of Intelligent Financial Analyzer​

Efficiency Boost

  • Significantly reduces the time required for loan approval, transforming the process from weeks to mere days.
  • Streamlines and expedites decision-making, enhancing overall operational efficiency for financial institutions.

Cost Savings

  • Drastically cuts down operational costs associated with manual processing, resulting in substantial savings for lending institutions.
  • Minimizes the need for extensive human involvement, leading to cost-effective loan issuance and processing.


  • Demonstrates exceptional flexibility by processing a wide range of document templates seamlessly. 
  • Adapts to the diverse documentation requirements of various loans, ensuring a dynamic and responsive approach. 


  • Ensures high accuracy in extracting crucial information from documents, eliminating errors associated with manual data extraction. 
  • Utilizes advanced AI technologies to enhance data accuracy, contributing to reliable decision-making processes. 

End-to-End Document Solution

  • Offers customizable workflows, providing a tailored and efficient end-to-end solution for document processing. 
  • Enables smooth collaboration between different stages of the loan approval process, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined workflow. 

Use Cases

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Effortless Question and Answer Generation

Gen AI

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Video creation with Avatar Generation and Humanlike Interface

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Automated Data Extraction

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Simplified API Management

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ACC's GenAI Capabilities

Video Creation with Avatar Generation and Humanlike Interface

Industry: Marketing, Branding, Social-Media, and Video Content

Problem: Time-consuming and expensive video creation.

Solution: ACC’s partnership with Synthesia for Generative AI video creation.

How it Works: Gen AI transforms text into captivating videos, incorporating customizable avatars for a human connection. Rapid video creation reduces time and costs significantly.

Effortless Question and Answer Generation

Industry: Edtech, Training, and Development

Problem: Laborious and error-prone creation of educational questions and answers.

Solution: ACC’s Generative AI simplifies and enhances this process.

How it Works: Gen AI autonomously generates comprehensive questions and topic-aligned answers, facilitating effortless Q&A generation. The platform allows easy review and customization.

Automated Data Extraction

Industry: Data-intensive sectors – Clinical Research, Life Sciences, Retail, etc.

Problem: Time-consuming and error-prone manual data extraction.

Solution: ACC’s solution integrates Generative AI to automate data extraction.

How it Works: Gen AI accurately extracts data from scanned documents, offering customizable output formats. This enhances time and resource efficiency, seamlessly integrating with existing systems.

Smart PR Content Review

Industry: Marketing, Public Relations, Media, Journalism, Communications

Problem: Aligning PR content with brand messaging and goals.

Solution: ACC’s PR review system powered by Generative AI.

Gen AI-Powered Analysis: In-depth analysis ensures language nuances, tone, and messaging alignment with brand guidelines.

Fun Marketing with Face Swapping

Industry: Social Media, Advertising, Gaming

Problem: Capturing and retaining audience attention in the digital landscape.

Solution: ACC’s Generative AI-based face-swapping technology.

Gen AI Face Swapping: Engaging content creation with personalized marketing, customization, and multichannel deployment. Data-driven optimization for improved future efforts.

Simplified API Management (Atlas API Manager)

Industry: Document-intensive sectors – Public Sector Offices, Client

Problem: Daunting API management and complex system communication.

Solution: ACC’s Atlas API Manager simplifies API management using Generative AI.

How It Works: Gen AI API Discovery, Endpoint Cataloging, Schema Interpretation, User-Friendly Documentation, Simplified API Management, and Integration and Automation for reduced manual effort.

Customized Answers from Private Data

Industry: Pharmaceuticals, IT, Retail, E-commerce

Problem: Delivering personalized insights from private data while upholding data privacy.

Solution: ACC’s Generative AI solution ensures secure and tailored answers.

How it Works: Secure data access, Gen AI customized insights with privacy protection, tailored recommendations, and adherence to data governance and compliance standards. Data empowerment for optimized operations and strategic planning.