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We help clients embrace mobility as a transformational strategy to deliver real, measurable and sustainable improvements in business performance. We use AWS extensively to cloud-enable your applications. Achieving the AWS Mobile Competency further validates ACC’s expertise with Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) offerings as a benefit to customers leveraging the AWS Cloud to deploy mobile applications for B2B and B2C use cases. 

Enterprise Productivity Apps

We build Enterprise Productivity Apps for communication and sales enablement. We also specialise in native and hybrid apps which are built using AWS mobility services. 

Serverless backend with NoSql database

Our experts will help you build new or existing web services using AWS Lambda and API Gateway. It helps to run the code without configuring, setting up, or worrying about servers. We help you convert your SQL DB to AWS Fast and flexible NoSQL databases that scale. 

Fedrated Identities

Solutions built on Amazon Cognito Federated Identities enable you to create unique identities for your users and federate them with identity providers. With an identity, you can obtain temporary, limited-privilege AWS credentials to synchronize data with Amazon Cognito Sync, or directly access other AWS services. The solution supports the following identity providers: 

Public providers: Login with Amazon, Facebook and/or Google 

Amazon Cognito User Pools 

Open ID Connect Providers 

SAML Identity Provider 

Developer Authenticated Identities 


We build deep learning conversational interfaces, voice and text for your app using AWS Lex and Alexa services. 

Financial Services

ACC has the deep expertise to drive cloud adoption for Financial Services organizations, including the largest Indian Banks, Insurance Firms, Investment Services Providers and new generation FinTech start-ups. ACC ensures adherence to BFSI industry standards, compliance and controls. 

ACC’s Dev-Ops team helps banking customers adopt Enterprise DevOps, ensuring that control and security are followed. 

ACC HUB PAY is a fully customizable solution which provides user portals, origination, servicing, and collections and can automate the entire lending lifecycle including underwriting, servicing and collections. 

Migration and Deployments 

We help in migrating mission-critical workloads to AWS. We also specialise in optimizing and automating business processes from customer delivery to data-driven management.

Managed Services 

We provide continuous monitoring and support for mission critical applications. We help in supporting cloud-based systems in such a way that there’s never the need to take part or all of an application out of service to help attain a zero-downtime goal.