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Your trusted partner in the world of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) development on the AWS platform. Our mission is simple: to collaborate with companies across diverse industries, empowering them to build and deploy top-tier SaaS applications that not only meet but surpass their customers’ unique demands.

Our team delivers digital solutions to clients worldwide. With a deep understanding of the evolving business landscape, we create tailored solutions to keep you ahead in a competitive market. 

Offerings & Solutions

SaaS Consulting

we offer architectural guidance for scalable AWS-native SaaS architectures, cost optimization through AWS pricing model analysis, and expertise to ensure regulatory compliance in SaaS offerings.

SaaS Development Outsourcing

we offer serverless expertise with AWS Lambda, implement microservices using AWS ECS or EKS, and facilitate seamless integration through AWS API Gateway.

SaaS Modernization and Support

It includes containerization for modernization with AWS Fargate or EKS, ensuring AWS scalability through AWS Auto Scaling, and providing continuous 24/7 monitoring and optimization of SaaS solutions on AWS.

SaaS Automation Integration

we enable advanced SaaS functionality by integrating AWS AI/ML services, implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using AWS, and enhance SaaS with OpenAI’s capabilities.

Discover the future of software with our innovative SaaS solutions

Smart Controls

Smart Controls is an indo-German Company in the Industry 4.0 Space. Comprising a talented team of almost 200, with an orientation, Smart controls build intelligent products and Solution enabling seamless connection for companies. We have developed SaaS based model/product that is used for monitoring of key Machine Parameters like OEE and other KPIs. We have also helped in building KPI/OEE dasboard that is visually appealing.


The RefreshMint is a digitalized application for financial advice to the users. It offers free credit report as well as recommendations for all financial & investment products. This application help the users in fulflling financial needs and proper planning in investment to save money for future and to keep financially healthy.

We have developed SaaS based Solution for this application that helped the customer in building the CMS and mobile application.

Chalo App

Chalo is India’s #1 bus transport technology company that provides live bus tracking services and contactless payment Solution to transform everyday bus travel into a safer and more reliable experience.

We have helped Chalo team with the process of designing and implementing SaaS based ML pipeline which will take data from sources like S3 and PostgreSQL and deploy the best performing SaaS based model. We have used and configured different AWS services like AWS Glue, Sagemaker Autopilot to deploy ML model to predict EAT for bus routes.

Epic Game’s CUMULO

Cumulo is a real-time training dasboard desgined to facilitate the virtual machines as needed. Epic Games possesses the Unreal Engine software,  which offers a wide range of features such as VFX and particle simulation, film-grade effects, advanced Al capabilities, a robust multiplayer framework, and more. The authorized education team at Epic Games employes this software to train students worldwide. Installing Unreal Engine software necessitates the use of exceptionally powerful machines. To support Epic Games’ instructors and their students during their scheduled sessions. Cumulo assists in providing high-end virtual machines, in order to launch these virtual machines. We have established a partnership with Amazon Web Services,  by leveraging AWS cloud coverage, we are able to supply on-demand virtual machines to students.

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