Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis of Machine Parameters

About the Customer 

Smart Control is a dynamic Indo-German company operating in the forefront of Industry 4.0. Their business revolves around developing intelligent products and solutions that facilitate seamless connections for companies, bridging the gap from the shop floor to the top floor. With a team of nearly 200 highly skilled professionals, Smart Control possesses domain knowledge, technological expertise, and process orientation. They focus on creating innovative solutions that empower businesses to optimize processes, enhance productivity, and foster greater collaboration between different departments. In the landscape of Industry 4.0, Smart Control’s mission is to drive efficiency, flexibility, and increased competitiveness for their clients. 


Customer Challenge 

Smart Control faced several critical challenges: 

Inventory Accuracy: Manual management of building materials led to inaccuracies in tracking inventory levels. This lack of real-time visibility into stock levels risked overstocking or stockouts, which could profoundly impact production and project timelines. 

Time-Consuming Processes: The manual tracking, recording, and updating of materials proved to be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Employees had to dedicate significant effort to maintaining records, which reduced overall productivity. 

Human Errors: Relying on manual data entry increased the likelihood of human errors, including data entry mistakes or misplaced records. These errors had the potential to lead to mismanagement of materials, resulting in both time and financial losses. 

Supplier Management Issues: Manual management resulted in inadequate supplier tracking and evaluation, which, in turn, led to difficulties in maintaining good supplier relationships and negotiating favorable terms. 

Limited Reporting and Analysis: The manual systems lacked robust reporting and analytical capabilities, hindering the ability to gain insights into material usage patterns, supplier performance, or overall operational efficiency. Failure to address these challenges could result in increased production costs, reduced efficiency, and the risk of losing a competitive edge in the dynamic Industry 4.0 landscape. 


Our Solution 

Applied Cloud Computing Pvt Ltd (ACC) provided a comprehensive SaaS solution to address Smart Control’s challenges. Leveraging various AWS services, ACC developed a sophisticated system comprising three key dashboards: 

  • Inventory Dashboard: This dashboard revolutionized inventory calculations, offering real-time insights into stock levels. It enabled informed decisions about stock management, thereby reducing the risks of stockouts or overstocking. 
  • Conditional Monitoring Dashboard: ACC’s solution significantly reduced the time consumed for assessing critical machinery, cutting it down by approximately 65-75%. This early detection system prevented expensive downtime, leading to a substantial boost in productivity. 
  • Error Reduction: Automation embedded within the dashboards significantly reduced manual data entry errors, enhancing data accuracy and reliability. 

Primary AWS services used in the solution included Amazon RDS, AWS Lambda, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon CloudTrail, Amazon Pinpoint, Amazon EKS, AWS ALB, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon S3, Amazon Route 53, and AWS DMS. 


Results and Benefits 

The implementation of ACC’s SaaS-based solution had profound impacts on Smart Control’s operations: 

  • Inventory Dashboard: This dashboard brought about a revolution in inventory management, offering real-time insights. As a result, Smart Control now makes informed decisions about stock management, significantly reducing the risk of stockouts or overstocking. 
  • Conditional Monitoring Dashboard: ACC’s solution slashed the time spent on machinery assessment by approximately 65-75%. This early detection system has proved invaluable, preventing costly downtime and boosting productivity. 
  • Error Reduction: Automation within the dashboards has led to a substantial reduction in manual data entry errors, significantly improving data accuracy and reliability. 


Smart Control experienced tangible benefits, including a notable reduction in production costs, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced competitiveness in the Industry 4.0 landscape. The solution delivered on its promise of increased productivity and cost savings. This was further evidenced by specific metrics, such as a 75% reduction in machinery downtime, a 50% decrease in inventory-related costs, and a 60% boost in overall operational efficiency. 

In conclusion, ACC’s SaaS-based solution, powered by AWS services, not only addressed Smart Control’s challenges but also provided measurable and substantial benefits, ultimately positioning Smart Control as a more competitive player in the dynamic Industry 4.0 sector. 


About Applied Cloud Computing (ACC) 

ACC is a leading cloud implementation, system integration, and managed services company with a strong track record in accelerating cloud adoption and delivering tailored solutions. ACC specializes in supporting AWS workloads, including AWS CloudFormation, AWS Control Tower, AWS Lambda, and Amazon CloudFront. ACC holds key AWS competencies, including Digital Customer Experience, Financial Services Consulting, Microsoft Workloads Consulting, and Migration Consulting. We are an AWS Public Sector Partner and have attained Advanced Tier Services status, highlighting our expertise in delivering technology and consulting services within the AWS ecosystem.