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Refine your ERP experience with ACC. Whether enhancing PeopleSoft, seamlessly transitioning to the cloud, or leveraging robust Managed Services, we’ve got you covered. Choose ACC for tailored solutions and enhanced user experiences across finance and HR with Oracle ERP Cloud. 

Our Services 

Peoplesoft Solutions

Partner up with ACC to enhance your PeopleSoft environment and boost operational efficiency while reducing business risks, whether you’re planning an immediate move to the cloud or considering it in the future. Our services cover cloud preparation, module implementations, feature integration, upgrades, cloud hosting, enhancements, integrations, and data conversions. 

Managed Services

Choose ACC’s Managed Services for strong ERP system support, covering PeopleSoft and Oracle Cloud Apps. Our PeopleSoft support includes upgrades, sysadmin aid, and flexible models, letting your team concentrate on cloud apps without neglecting PeopleSoft support. For hosted environments on AWS, OCI, or Azure, ACC offers assistance from ad-hoc to fully managed solutions. Even Cloud Apps receive top-notch support, offering various assistance levels, including full support models, feature implementation, testing, and general support.

Cloud Hosting

Our expert consultants can seamlessly migrate your on-premise PeopleSoft environment to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). ACC ensures a smooth transition while maintaining your PeopleSoft’s functionality and feel, resulting in reduced operational costs and increased speed and agility. Our services cover pre-migration evaluations, scope establishment, environment reviews, integrations, security assessments, staff training, migration plans, and ongoing managed services for both sysadmin and application perspectives. 

Oracle ERP Cloud

Streamline ERP services, expedite book closures, and leverage advanced analytics with ACC. Our consultants are poised to implement future-proof solutions in accounting, analytics, consolidation, financial planning, projects, procurement, and reporting using Oracle ERP. In Human Capital Management (HCM), ACC emphasizes a holistic approach from hire to termination, enhancing HR and employee experiences for faster, smarter decision-making. 

Why Choose Our ERP Services? 

Expert Team: Rely on the expertise of our dedicated ERP professionals who bring proven knowledge and experience to the table. 

Tailored Solutions: Recognizing the uniqueness of every business, our ERP services are customized to precisely meet your specific needs and goals. 

Comprehensive Support: Whether it’s the initial implementation or ongoing assistance, we stand by you as your dependable ERP partner throughout your journey. 

Innovation and Flexibility: Stay competitive with ERP solutions designed to evolve alongside your business, ensuring continual success in a dynamic landscape. 

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