Automate and Simplify Document Management with Smart Contract

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Smart Contract 

A smart contract is a document lifecycle that automates the process of managing an organization’s documents. System features include creating/managing, digitally legalizing, negotiating, customizing and bulk executing, and centralizing data storage. 

Features of Smart Contract

Why choose Smart Contract 

  • Smart contract have established presence, credibility and viability, and have demonstrated the ability to meet customers’ expectations in terms of functionality and customer experience.
  • Smart contract does not demand an all-or-nothing approach. It can be adopted at a departmental level (for procurement or sales, for example) as an organization matures its processes.
  • The most progressive approach of smart contract is to adopt it as part of an enterprise-wide strategy that considers the interdependencies among contracts, business processes, operational and financial results, and that indicates a high level of maturity.
  • Common benefits include increased governance over what is signed, when and by whom, and the protection of knowing that the correct contract terms are live.
  • It has strategy to direct resources, skills and offerings to meet the specific needs of individual market segments, including vertical markets.

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