Patient Treatment and Health Tracker App

Head and neck cancer is a dreadful disease throughout the world. This disease has a poor prognosis. Conventionally, the disease is treated with cisplatin-based chemotherapy regimens. However, not all the patients are suitable for cisplatin-based chemotherapy. With evolving guidelines and clinical evidences, it is observed that cisplatin may lead to acute as well as late toxicities, poor treatment adherence and even treatment related deaths.

1. The proposed app is based on an internationally published consensus recommendation criteria to identify cisplatin contraindications and high risks (Ref: Oral Oncology 53 (2016) 10–16).

2. The app will assist physicians to individually validate clinical criteria of each and every patient based on given limits in published guidelines and help determine if the patient is suitable for cisplatin-based treatment.

3. Patients found unsuitable or contraindicated to cisplatin can be given an alternate regimen and can thus be saved from treatment-related side effects.

Build Solution:

  • This app would be used by a set of doctors, who can keep a track of their patient’s data week-wise. 
  • It also helps them to take opinions among their community.