The Fit Mom Project – Pregnancy App

The Fit Mom Project is a pregnancy app for expectant mothers and new-age moms to discover healthier food and fitness habits. Backed by our expert panellists, we provide information on pregnancy exercises, nutrition, diet, lifestyle and fashion for moms. The app has the following features:

1. Pregnancy Exercises: 100+ prenatal and antenatal pregnancy exercises demonstrated by certified physiotherapists and antenatal specialists

2. Pregnancy Calculators, Charts & Pregnancy Tools: Various pregnancy calculators that can be used at different stages of a pregnancy

3. Diet & Nutrition for Expectant Mothers & Moms: Nutrition tips, recipes and food choices for pregnant women and new-age moms

4. Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Tips: Yoga and exercise advice for moms to stay fit and healthy

5. Lifestyle Advice for Moms: Make positive lifestyle changes to overcome the challenges of your pregnancy and postpartum life

6. Pregnancy & Mother Care Experts: Our team of nutritionists, physiotherapists, fitness trainers, psychologists and doctors will help you through your journey of pregnancy and maternal care.

Build Solution:


  • To create an admin panel to push all content, exercises, videos and image
  • Doctors can answer users’ queries and help them in matters related to fitness

Mobile App

  • It has modules related to pregnancy exercises, calculator, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and community.
  • Users can see the latest exercises shared by doctors for each month of pregnancy.
  • Calculator helps users to monitor their pregnancy journey.
  • Diet helps users to keep track of their nutrition.
  • Users can pose questions to the doctor community; each question will be answered within 24 hrs.