Communication, Learning and Development App

This app aims to facilitate seamless communication and keeps parents abreast of their child’s learning and development at school. The app has the following features –

  1. Dashboard – View all the information at one go
  2. Student Profile – View the child’s records in this section
  3. My Day @ School – Provides instant access to topics and activities covered in the child’s classroom on a daily basis
  4. Messages – View all communication from the school at a glance
  5. Events – Block your calendar and be ready for upcoming school events
  6. Photo Gallery – Relive memories with exclusive access to view and download the child’s pictures from school events and activities
  7. Home Connection – Connect with all home activities planned for the child
  8. Observations – Provides observations for likes and hobbies of the child on a regular basis
  9. Learn2Play – View all toys and equipment on offer
  10. Call the School – All emergency contact numbers will be listed in this section for parents’ convenience
  11. Write to the School – Connect with the school’s centre or obtain support in a few clicks


This app has two distinct modules. The first one will be for the mobile app, which will be developed on iOS for iPad and iPhone and on Android for phones and tablets. The app will provide the teachers to –

  • Directly connect with parents on their mobile devices
  • Share my day at school, home connection, observation, events & photo gallery
  • Provide a list of holidays
  • Share activities with parents

The second module will be for the school’s teachers, HO centre admin and the school’s super admin, which will be a responsive web interface for desktop, laptop, iOS & Android web browser. It has the following features –

  • To view functionalities dependent upon roles (teachers, HO centre admin and super admin)
  • Overview of the total number of students, teachers and their day to day activities.
  • Manage teachers and assign divisions
  • Update syllabus and other activities