Cloud Lifecyle Management Solution built using AWS Lambda

The Challenge

Our customer, a large insurance corporation, has a large AWS deployment footprint with multi-account strategy according to AWS best practices for segregation and isolation of deployed resources. There was a distinct requirement for a better way to manage and monitor these AWS accounts. To address this requires a customised solution was the need of the hour.

The Solution

ACC addressed this challenge with its homegrown “Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM)” software. Amongst the many proposals available, CLM was chosen as it had the added advantage of being a cost-effective, serverless product and highly customizable by nature.

The Serverless CLM Software is Multi-Account management currently supporting AWS Platform. The four major components of solutions are –

  1. AWS Lambda – Runs the code
  2. S3 Bucket – React.js code deployed in S3
  3. API Gateway – Used to trigger respective lambda functions
  4. Cognito – Users management
  5. IAM – Relevant access for required services and role ARN’s

The customer was able to get an immediate overview of the cumulative AWS Monthly Billing for all their linked AWS accounts from within the CLM software. They could also deep dive into costing for individual accounts (e.g. prod account), individual services (EC2, EBS volumes), cost tag based costs, costs per applications deployed, among others.

They got the ability to monitor all critical AWS services, for example, the total number of running EC2 servers across all accounts, their current state whether running or stopped. They also got the functionality to manage resources like start, stop, terminate, etc. and the functionality to take backup as well. It also gave them the ability to check and monitor CPU, RAM, network and other configurable metrics.