Migrating Assets to AWS

Our journey to migrate assets from JK Shah Classes’ JW account to their AWS environment has been nothing short of remarkable. This is the story of our successful endeavor, highlighting how we streamlined customer requirements, reduced cycle times, and improved efficiency.

Our Mission

Our mission was clear: to migrate assets from JK Shah Classes’ JW account to their AWS environment using AWS services. This marked a pivotal step for JK Shah, a renowned provider of both online and offline training known for its world-class learning system.

Engaging ACC

To execute this mission seamlessly, JK Shah Classes engaged ACC to conduct a Proof of Concept (PoC) aimed at transferring these assets without a hitch.

The Challenge

In their existing setup, JK Shah Classes faced a considerable challenge in managing media assets within the JW platform. This prompted the imperative need for migration to their AWS account. Our mission was straightforward: to efficiently migrate these assets using AWS services.

Success Criteria and Collaboration

The success criteria for this project were clear: migrate assets from JW to AWS. Yet, to achieve this, several prerequisites and dependencies needed addressing. These included gaining access to AWS services, fostering collaborative engagement from both teams, and ensuring the customer provided essential tools and access—a recipe for success.

A Collaborative Journey

Throughout the engagement, JK Shah Classes’ team collaborated consistently with us, sharing the necessary AWS access and taking ownership of implementing and maintaining applications. Together, we ensured the smooth migration of assets, totaling approximately 113,391, each with an approximate duration of 3 hours. We also worked in tandem to organize and categorize the extensive video library provided by JK Shah’s team.

The Scope of Our Work

Our work encompassed the migration of data from JK Shah’s JW Player Account to their AWS Account. This involved a meticulous analysis of APIs and securing AWS services access. We also developed scripts to facilitate the seamless migration of video assets, metadata, subtitles, and voices—ensuring the highest video quality. To centralize all migration data, we created a dedicated database.

Enhancing User Experience

To enhance the user experience, we crafted a Media VOD pipeline in HLS format for new videos. This ensured that all content played seamlessly across various devices. Rigorous testing was conducted, encompassing video playback, metadata verification, subtitle synchronization, and voice clarity. Upon successful testing, the media VOD pipeline was initiated, marking the final step in completing the migration successfully.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, our collaboration with JK Shah Classes and the strategic utilization of AWS services have resulted in a seamless migration of assets, significantly enhancing their digital infrastructure. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all stakeholders involved and eagerly anticipate continuing our partnership to deliver exceptional solutions for our clients.