Atlas API Manager Case Study

This app facilitates a rich messaging experience for The Chairman of the organisation to stay in touch with all businesses across different demographics in an easy and secure way.

  1. The Chairman can engage with employees or specific groups through quick messages, by sharing photos and opinion polls using an interactive and intuitive interface.
  2. Through this app, employees can reply to the Chairman’s messages and can comment on the shared photos. At the same time employees can also view what other employees have replied.
  3. Employees can also participate in quick polls initiated by the Chairman.


Chairman app –

  • Broadcast function from the Chairman’s mobile device to all employees’ mobile devices
  • This includes the following options:
    1. Text Messages 
    2. Photos with captions (multiple photos can be selected at once) 

    Options to create a poll –

    • The Chairman can view aggregated responses for each broadcast in the form of a word cloud
    • Option to view the latest responses (auto filtered for inappropriate content) of the employees for a particular broadcast with an option to view more responses
    • Clicking a word on the “Tag Cloud” will display respective response tree
    • The Chairman can view aggregated responses in terms of bar charts for each poll
    • Option to send text messages to selected groups (for e.g. to employees of a particular business, business heads etc.)
    • The broadcast message should only be sent from an authenticated device to prevent impersonation (like IMEI # based authentication check)
    • Search option to find past messages and polls

    Employee app –

    • Employees’ version of the app will have the option to reply (maybe up to 500 characters in length) to the Chairman’s broadcasts and to participate in the polls created by the Chairman
    • Messages will be displayed as a feed to the users with the latest 10 tweets being displayed
    • To provide an option to load more tweets
    • Clicking on a tweet will open the message in a new screen with the latest replies to it displayed below the message. “Load more” option to display more replies will also be there.
    • In case of a poll, the message will be loaded with specified options to choose from.
    • Employees will not have an option to start a new broadcast or poll
    • To incorporate search option to find past messages and polls.