AWS APN Partner Award Winner 2020

ACC is the Best Industry segment partner for financial Services

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Applied Cloud Compuitng wins  the AWS Industry segment partner of the year award

Applied Cloud Computing (ACC) today announced that it has won the

2020 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Industry Segment Partner of the Year award in India.

 This award is given to an AWS Partner who has delivered extraordinary results in an industry segment through customer wins and customer impact, and has generated the highest impact towards AWS business, during the qualifying period of 2019-2020. ACC is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, and has received this award in recognition of its contribution to AWS’s business in the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) business segment.

 ACC executed multiple first-of-its-kind deals in 2019. Highlights include – deploying over 700 microservices on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) for a global bank, conducting the seamless migration of 30 vendor applications in 30 days for a national bank, conducting the first VMware Cloud (VMC) migration implementation in a commercial bank, and helping a stock exchange company adopt containerization on cloud in their production environment.

 Nilesh Satpute Founder and CEO, Applied Cloud Computing said, “Adopting the cloud native mindset helped us chain together the various technologies, processes and services that AWS offers and to produce an outcome that has actual business value.”

 ACC has deep expertise to drive cloud adoption for financial services organizations, including the largest Indian banks, insurance firms, investment services providers, and new generation FinTech startups. It has a strong track record of ensuring adherence to BFSI industry standards, compliance and controls. ACC accelerates end-to-end cloud adoption with the best implementation services, software and processes available. ACC’s comprehensive framework for cloud adoption and dedicated software development capabilities help clients achieve business results faster, in every stage of their cloud transformation. ACC has built cloud native products on AWS that automates core BFSI and FinTech functions.